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Happy Tails 2023

Because every drop of Love helps.

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2023 adoption1.JPG
Adoption 2023 2 0of 1.JPG

Toffee and Caramel

Toffee and Caramel were adopted into a wonderful home. 

We couldn’t be more happy for them and their new parents.
Look at how much they are loved already. 

Adopted 2023 2-2.JPG

Pumpkin, Squash and November

Adopted 2023 1-2.JPG

What a beautiful day it is!
Pumpkin , Squash & November was a triple adoption.

They were adopted into such an amazing family and will live their lives together forever.

We couldn’t be happier for them and their new family.

Jack and Jimmy

Adopted 6-3.jpg

This is a story about two shy cats who were given a chance in life. Thy spent a very long time in Petco trying to be adopted.

The Mulvaney Family ( Prior Adopters to our rescue) gave Jack and Jimmy the love and attention with patience that they needed. They are now in a very loving forever home with two other siblings.

Adopted 4-3.jpg


After being trapped by dedicated TNR rescuer's Sara and Dave, who had found her starving and lost, it was decided that fostering her and finding her a home would be the right decision. 

 Vida and Tom contacted us to inquire about them being considered as her  potential  parents while preparing to move from San Francisco to Boston.

After passing application review they were given a virtual meet and greet. 

 They arranged to make the trip down to adopt Midge. They are now acclimating Midge to her new home and she is part of their loving family,

Adopted 1-5.JPG


Kaylee Seedath adopted Russel. 

She notified us that Russell is like a baby in a cat's body. She feels like she has won the cat lottery because he follows her around like a child wanting to do everything that she does.

Look's like Russel hit the cat lottery!

Adopted 1-6.JPG


The Levine family of White Plains New York

adopted Batman.

He is a very good family cat. 

Adopted 2-7.jpg


 The Stimus family adopted Goose. 

His mommy Amanda, says that he is one of the sweetest, most affectionate cats that 

she has ever met! Goose adjusted and made himself at home almost immediately and within a few days met his two new cat brothers, Oscar and Bailey They are all getting along wonderfully!


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