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The Best Stories Are Happy!
Happy Tails 2015


It's hard to believe that just a week ago Athos was on the kill list scheduled to be euthanized. Jenn Ford stepped up to foster and bought Athos into her home - now, only a week later, instead of being a tragic victim of NYC policy, Athos is a success story! We wish him and his new family the all the best. FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!


ADOPTION UPDATE: BEANIEBeanie was found as a stray and rescued from Animal Control being being put to sleep. She was sick, but foster mom, Shima, brought her back to health. Now this chubby, long-haired beauty found her forever family and went home recently. We wish her much happiness and a fulfilling life in her forever home.



ADOPTION UPDATE: ANNABELLA went to her forever home yesterday. For Foster mom Debbie it was a bittersweet goodbye as she has grown very attached to her. Any foster knows that's it's always hard to say goodbye to those we have saved and grown to love like our own. We know that Annabella will have a long, happy life with her new family and we wish them all the very best. 



ADOPTION UPDATE!! ALEX. This sweet kitten is now living happily with his new family. He lives with Diane and Rosalie Zack and his new name is Zenith



ADOPTION UPDATE!! Buttercup was adopted and went to her forever home in January of 2015.  What a great way to start the year!




ADOPTION UPDATE!!! SAMMY formerly known as Blackberry. This kill-listed AC&C rescue is now living the good life with his new family.


Update of NYCACC rescue A1015729 Mariposa and A1015731Junebug in their new home with Zuhal Sue in NJ!


ADOPTION UPDATE: PURRSNICKITTI. Rescued from the kill list, Purrsnickitti is now happily is new home.


Kelly was adopted by the awesome Wendy Jack.  She received a warm welcome home. We know that they will both live a long happy life together!


ADOPTION UPDATE: NOAH and NELL (formerly Cali)
This brother and sister duo were volunteer favorites at our rescue. Saved as kittens, this bonded duo had been passed up by adopters for two years-- that is, until Pam G came along. She fell in love with them almost instantly and decided to adopt them both. 
Both Noah and Nell were a little shy at first, with days they have really began to come out of their shell and bond with Pam. She has been so great keeping us us informed with daily updates of their progress. Here is the latest.
Pam Writes: "Oh my goodness - came home tonight... look who is snuggled together - just looking. So cuddly and smoochy and whilst on conference calls - right beside me and when I was still talking - they started contributing to the conference and then wrapped themselves around me ... they are the most loving gentle little cats - who each day trust me more ......."
Noah and Nell found their perfect home and we just couldn't be happier for all involved!

ADOPTION UPDATE: Bennett formerly know as June is living happily in new home with sure,
She writes:
I just wanted to give you an update on the cat formerly known as June (I renamed  him Bennett). He is doing great! As you can see he's super playful and even  more cuddly. You were spot on with placing us together!! Thank you so much!!
Best, Lauren 
We love happy endings like this!


Update of adoption from NYCACC last of the kitten's left from the litter of six kittens to mom Paprika rescued from NYCACC A1013333. Rusty at home with his new mom Jan from Staten Island. Thanks for adopting this guy and giving him a forever home!!


Here are some very happy freedom pictures! Carter, (A1025775) now renamed Bella Carter was rescued and adopted this week by Theresa Azzaretto who just couldn't wait to bring this sweet little 2 month old kitten home - and as you can see her daughter Amelia was absolutely thrilled. Carter is doing just fine and this was all made possible thanks to Staten Island Hope Rescue. A bit thank you to Michelle and Theresa for this new beginnings kitten who will now be happily pampered and showered with love.



Update of Princess A1004017 and Abby renamed Felix and Jozia from adopter Renata. As you can see they love each other very much and their new home.


ADOPTION UPDATE: Skittles is living happily in his new home where as you can see, he has made himself very comfortable. We wish him and his new family a long, happy life together.



Mr. Man and Little Whiskers were residing with separate fosters, nut we adopted into the same forever home.

Update from Adopter on 

"He's actually coming around and his progression is outstanding- I bonded with him first- later my four family members did as well, but he completely came out of his shell when he met my Pomeranian, zoe today. He is playing with everyone and is even coming out of the bathroom- I always give him time to himself to avoid over stimulation. So when we go back to play with, I will send you a pic."


This 2 year old boy was initially dumped at ACC after his former owner deemed they had "too many pets". Wendy Jack, who recently adopted 6 month Kelly from us, also decided to add Frosty to her family. Unfortunately, Frosty was traumatized by being betrayed by his family -- he refused to eat or drink any water. We took in him in our care, brought him to our vet and force-fed him for a few days. Before too long he started feeling better and eating on his own. Last Monday Frosty was well enough and was transported to his forever home in Brooklyn. 
Frosty is adapting well and living happily with Wendy and his new sister Kelly. The two kitties are bonding and playing together and Wendy is thrilled! Best Wishes to the happy family.


These two sweet kittens came from the same foster home and were adopted together.  We wish them both a long happy life together with their new family.



Found as a stray baby, Chase was saved from a short life on the street and taken into a foster home.  This sweet, playful guy found his new forever companion.


Doug & his best friend Dina (A1023477) were surrendered on 12/18/14 to Manhattan ACC as strays. There is no way these two were truly strays they love being in a home. They were fostered together. Both Doug and Dina found forever homes with separate families, but they are happy in their new homes and adjusting well.


Jugete is a large orange & white tabby who was surrendered because his owner was moving away. "Jugs" is an awesome super friendly big boy who loves attention particularly ear rubs. Jugs comes when called and enjoys being pet. , He was adopted to the McCay family where he is currently living the good life.


Saved from the Kill list, Frank Beans (now simply Frankie) was adopted into a new family in Ohio. Gerri, his new mom is very happy with the newest addition to the family.  He is super friendly and already getting along well in his new environment.


Juno is a 4yo jet black beauty

HE IS SUPER FRIENDLY, AFFECTIONATE AND LOVES TO PLAY TOO!!  Fostered in Nanuet  see him for yourself.   He went to his forever home in February. We know he will live a long, happy life with his new family.


Our volunteers worked feverishly to get Marimar pulled from the kill list. A kind adopter,Lisa, stepped up, willing to give Marimar a new forever home and a second chance at life with her family.   Another life saved. Another good day.
Marimar was dropped off to her new home today courtesy of Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Lisa reported that Marimar is quite the friendly girl and she is settling in to her new home.


Weeks old, This kitten was saved and placed in foster care. However, Egypt didn't reside in foster care for very long as she was quickly adopted by a couple of animal lovers.


This little cutie rescue kitten made a big impression.  She was scooped up by her new family who promise to spoil her with lots of love.



When she as initally rescued, this wee kitten was very sick. Her foster mom had named her Rocky because she was such a fighter. Rocky made a full recovery and was adopted in a loving home.


Kitten, Tippy is living with his new family.  He, and his litter mates Toppy and Foxy we are adopted on the same day at one of our weekend Petco adoption events.

Foxy went to forever home to young Maya and her mom, Christina from Staten Island. Maya got the best Valentine's gift - the gift of unconditional love. Foxy got the gift of a new family. A good day all around. We wish them a long happy life together. 

Christine writes: A special thanks to Chris and foxys foster mom Roseanne we love foxy and she is starting to feel at home.


Toppy found a forever home!  He had to be separated from his litter mates (Tippy and Foxy -- who also were adopted on the same day), but now Toppy has a new family to love.


Chloe was recently found by a kind woman, Denise, when the cat snuck into her sunroom. Denise contacted us and asked us to help find Chloe a new home. We were happy to offer our assistance, but since that time Chloe has won her heart. Denise has decided to make Chloe a permanent member of the family. Chloe is very happy in her new home and she loves to cuddle and even sleeps with the dogs. Best wishes to Denise and Chloe!



This was a case of love at first sight. Pepper was adopted and lives with Stan and his wonderful family in Brooklyn.

Five year old Juta was adopted in February of 2015.  She lives happily with her new family.


Kendle is extremely friendly as was adopted by Jason in Old Bridge, NJ. These two will make each other very happy.


This cute tabby kitten was adopted by Danielle and her family.  He resides in Staten Island and is quite happy to have a new family.


Not long ago, we posted a chip-in for Calla's medical care as it looked like she had been attacked by a large animal. Many of you generously donated to her cause. Calla is out of the hospital, and recovering. Sadly, this poor kitten was found to have FeLV. However, Calla has been adopted by one of our very caring fosters, Karina smile emoticon 
She writes:
"This is Calla, she has FELV, she was rescued from ACC by Staten Island Hope, she came to me to have a loving forever home with my 3 other FELV + cats. She is the tiniest, cutest and the most affectionate kitten you ever seen and she is a little furr machine"

We thank everyone who donated towards Calla's vet bills and we thank Karina for giving Calla a forever home where she can live loved and happy.


Misty was turned into ACC once her owner passed away & no family members would keep this sweet senior. 
Misty was very frightened & unhappy in the shelter and
landed on the list to be put to sleep. Luckily for Misty an adopter with two other senior rescue cats saw her picture & plea on Facebook and reached out to Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue to adopt Misty. Staten Island Hope saved Misty & placed her in temporary foster care until her foster delivered her to
Washington,DC. Misty is now living a luxury retirement life!



Recent kill list survivor Mary is now safe at home with her new family. Cory writes:
"Hi Michelle, I wanted to send you an update on Mary. She's doing well and has adjusted nicely. She still sleeps quite a bit but also comes to me looking to have her head rubbed and be petted."
We love happy endings!



Just recently both Bitsy and Mellow, who were being fostered in upstate NY by Sharon found their forever homes. We wish them both long lives with their new families.
Just another example of how fostering saves lives.


 His elderly owner is being relocated to an assisted living facility and can no longer care for this lazy guy. 
Lucky, Sleepy found a forever home with Ismeal.


Benny fka Moe rescued from NYC ACC also; adopted through SIHAR; another "beginner"; very vocal and loving. All of my rescues are through SIHAR. MichelleMichelle Christofilakes, Christopher Mancuso and Ally D'Andrea do an outstanding job!


Maury (pictured with his foster, Arthur) was transported to his new home with Iryna on Saturday. He was a little shy on arrival and hid under the couch, but he he couldn't resist playing with a ball his new mom rolled in front of him. After only a few day he made himself completely at home and loves playing with his new brother.



This Charming little fellow was adopted in March of 2015. He is living happily with his new family in Brooklyn, NY.


Melvin's Foster Mom Lenise loved him so much, she decided to keep Melvin for herself.  Awesome!

Formerly Boggie, Popeye was adopted by Kim in New Jersey.  She writes:" Popeye my special needs cat 
Limited sight due to a bad infection in his left eye also had surgery on his right eye because it fell out of the socket. He is amazing and does not let his limited sight stop him."


Hop has been adopted by the mother of his foster. Laura writes "Our last foster has officially been Momma Nardelli! So happy she is staying in the family"


Donnie has a new home and a new family.


This beautiful cat whose owner passed away now resides in New Jersey with a new family.


ADOPTED!! Sweet, pincess Samantha was seen at our Petco location in Staten Island and recently found a new home.


Peter was seen on Pets on Death Row page when he was on the NYACC kill list and Irene stepped up to foster him, bt fell in love and adopted him!  Look how much better he looks!!!  Happy Life to Peter and Irene


Isabella was recently adopted and will be spending her first Easter with her new family!  Happy Life, Isabella!!!



A volunteer favorite, Marlow was seen in Petco.  Immediately, his new family fell in love with him and it's easy to understand why -- Marlow is a big mush who loves to be held and craves attention!  Happy Life Marlow!!


He was rescued from a Hoarding situation on Staten Island.  When his former owner died, Jelly was left heartbroken and in danger of being put to sleep at Animal Control. Now, he has a new home, a new family and a new life!

Found as a stray kitten on the streets of Brooklyn, he was taken in and cared for by a kind, young foster. He grew into a handsome young cat and  Armstrong is now living happily in his forever home with a new family.  We love happy endings!


Jackie and Peewee had a rough start.  They fought off some illnesses, but have made a great recovery, These beautiful black brothers were adopted together!  They now reside in a huge house in New Hampshire!  We love happy endings!


Harmony was rescued from being put to sleep in February. Here is a message from her adopter.

"Harmony is the absolute sweetest, greatest cat ever. She demands to sleep in a bed every night and has been constantly cuddled up on my chest, kneeding on my robe whenever I'm wearing it. She purs so much and I think she's very happy here. She really likes the kids, especially my 5 month old. She licked her head the other day lol. She's just a doll. My only regret is not having her in my life sooner. I've been telling my husband that quote " I wish I would have found you sooner so that I could have loved you longer" is my quote towards Harmony lol she's a dream come true. "



Tom (was named Flounder) He was adopted out of ACC from a hoarding situation. Tom now enjoys life with a forever family who pamper him, and the girls read bed time stories nightly to Tom.





Recent NYC ACC Rescue Lily went to her new forever home this weekend. Here is what her family say

"Hi there! Just wanted to let you know how amazing today has been. Lilly has been so interactive with us and she certainly knows how to tell us what she wants .. She's a perfect fit for our family. Thank you for rescuing her and taking such good care of her ." We love happy endings.




Because he is so good with dogs and small children, last night Benny was adopted and went to his new home with Doris, her husband and their young daughter, Victoria. He also has a doggie sister name Jesse. We know he will be very happy with his new. loving family.
Special Thanks to his foster mom, Janine, who stepped up to take him into her family and give Benny the opportunity to thrive and grow into the wonderful cat he has become. FOSTERING SAVES LIVES!



Vixen is about a year old, she was abandoned by her former owner when she got pregnant. Her kittens have all found homes Her foster mom says "She is super friendly and easy going and very talkative! She runs to the door to greet me when I get home for work."  She gets along with other pets.

We didn't have to look very far to find an adopter for this sweet gal, Vixen's Foster Mom has decided to make her part of the family.



ADOPTION UPDATES: Meet Francis, Hope and Louie!!! All 3 are ACC euth list survivors thanks to cat meowmy Amanda Ryan who sent us these photos with the following note, “These three were pulled from the kill list from December – March. They are so different and wonderful additions to our fur family. It is sad to think anyone could just throw them out as if they were garbage. They’re safe and living the happy, spoiled, cat life now! I have my very own cat army.” Thanks also to Staten Island Hope Rescue for making these 3 saves possible!! 
Happy life kitties!!


Caputo (A1022808) aka "Cupid" 5-6yr old black & white dsh This Very friendly guy solicits attention rolls over for belly rubs.  His lovey nature earned him a forever home. He currently resides in upstate New York with his new family.  



Mookie was recently adopted and is now living her new life with her new family!


Under the care of foster Mom, Sharon, Lynx was residding in Petco in Nanuet.  He didn't stay there long as he was scooped up and adopted into his forever home.  Happy Life to Lynx and his new family!

Pulled from Animla Control in April 2015. Mouse is safe and happily in his new home.


This is 8 month old Maple who was saved from the Kill list back in March. smile emoticon She got adopted by lovely people in MA, they love her very much. Happy Life MAPLE!


Spunky was in foster care for quite some time waiting to be adopted, but she didn't have to look far to find her forever home as Alicia decided to make Spunky part of the family.


A volunteer favorite, Ella has finally found a home! This big gal had been in foster care for over 2 years and was sadly overlooked at many adoption events because she would get depressed in her crate and hid under her bed. Or maybe she was just waiting for the right adopter to come along. Ella's wait is over and she went to her new home today. While our volunteers will surely miss this sweet girl, we couldn't be happier for her.


ADOPTION UPDATE: MARTY NYC ACC rescue A1028612. Marty is a super lovable , this poor guy he had frostbite on his ears and had to have surgery to remove the dead skin on the tip so he has really funny, adorable cute cropped ears. In addition he had a old leg injury that healed up so he has a little limp when walking. He is a one of a kind cat, loves people and gets along well with other animals. He was found outside and was most likely dumped due to his sweet disposition. We are so happy that he has found the forever home he truly deserves! Happy Life Marty!


This is Theodore -- Formerly known as Mikey. This handsome young cat adopted by Marylin a few weeks ago at the Best Friends Super Adoption Event. He now lives in Manhattan where he is loved and cared for. We wish them both the best! Happy Life.


Shadow and Fancy (ID # A1028378.) were adopted together.  These two sweet cats now live happily in Brooklyn with their new family. Best wishes!


UPDATE HOPE formerly known as Ashley A0087745. She was on the kill list in March. 
She was adopted by family in PA. Her new mom writes:
"She is completely content with her new family. She is actually a bit bossy, she gives the dogs a run for their money"


Look at Meow!
Remember Don and Hendricks from a few weeks ago? Here they are safe and still together.
DON (A1034663). & HENDRICKS (A1034662)
From foster Mom Rosalie: "The boys are doing well and have already made us their family"

"I have sad news and good news, sad news is that my sweet 15 year old cat finally succumbed to renal failure this weekend. He died in my arms. I was devastated, he suffered a bit, and I couldn't get him to the vet in time so on my way out to my car he died in my arms. This is the part about owning these sweet fur babies that I really hate. But I wouldn't trade my 15 years with this gentle giant of a cat for anything in the world. The other bad news is that I won't get a chance to foster again for awhile but the good news is that's because we've decided to adopt Big Red! He has turned out to be the best cat! He's loving, sweet, playful, not mischievous at all and he loves my fiance! yay! 


My 1 year old cat Poe has also grown fond of Big Red, they are best buddies so I think it would be best for us to keep him"




Darla has arrived at her new home in RI. Here is a picture of her sleeping after the long car ride.


Saved off death row as a kitten, Garfiled has found a forever home with his new mom KAren in New Jersey!


Saved off death row as a kitten, Panther was fostered by Ally D'Andrea.  He has found a forever home with his new mom Petra in New Jersey!


Caroline went to her forever hom with Tina in May.  Happy Life!



Maxine and her sister, Carolina, were found as tiny stray kittens and taken in by a good samaritan. Carolina recently found her new home and now it is Maxine's turn. What started merely as an offer temp foster Maxine for her friend while away on vacation turned into finding a new addition to the family for Susan.

Maxine, renamed Stella now lives happily with Susan and her new family. "Stella loves her new forever home and we adore Stella. My husband adores her too, she melted his heart. Thanks again."
In 2014 Susan adopted Thomas (Little Red) and now he and Stella are best buddies.



This bonded duo got a home together!


Star was saved from the kill list as a kitten. She made quite an impresion on her foster mom, so much so that she is now living happily as a foster failure.  As you can see she loves her doggie companion.


Adopted!  Purrsilla is grateful to have a new perminent residence.


We are very happy that Henry has a forever home! We wish im and his new family a long life!


This gal who is a sweet as her name resides happily in a new home where she knows that she will be forever loved.



Mittens has CH (cerebellar Hypoplasia aka wobble syndrone-- some people think that condition makes her "less adoptable" Well, her foster Mom, Linda, sure didn't think so and neither did Susan, her adopter. Mittens is now happily with her forever family in PA.

This friendly boy now lives with a new family who loves him very much.


Coco (A0834622) landed in the ACC when her original owner got sick. Her beauty and friendly behavior soon caught the eye of the staff and also Susan Lanka who quickly contacted Staten Island Hope Rescue to pull this sweet girl. Susan sent us a photo which we are happy to share with you – Coco is safely home and happy with her new cat meowmy!!



Jazz and Mew are both ACC euth list survivors!! Their cat meowmy Erin sent us this photo and said they are best buds now!



Spencer was adopted by a young professional who saw no reason for a friendly one year old tabby to be dumped at the city shelter and risk being put to sleep. Spencer adjusted easily to his new family & within two days only wanted to be held & cuddled!


ADOPTION UPDATE: Formerly Sweet Pea (A1031447)
NYC ACC kill list survivor, this 6 month old gal went to her forever home this weekend! Thanks to her Foster Mom, Janine, for stepping up to pull her and giving her a second chance the life she deserves! Happy Life Sweet Pea!


Another happy story! Simon is adopted and went home today to live with his new parents Leonid Aptekar and Irene Vesne who will give all their love to him.


Sheldon recent rescue kitten who was dumped unceremoniously at our vet's office in Staten Island. It didn't take long for a loving family to scoop up little Sheldon and offer him a forever home. Mark and his family just adopted this little guy, giving him the great home he deserves. They report that Sheldon has already made good friends with their dog.


BLAKE was saved from the NYC ACC Kill list back in April. 
Here is a photo and message we received from Blake's new family: Blake is so special. She has brought so much life and joy to our home. Her confidence is amazing and everyone seems to have welcomed her already. Thank you for letting me know she was available- it was meant to be!! She sleeps with my oldest daughter until she falls asleep and will her her hand with her paw. It's so sweet!


After being in our Petco location a short while, Dana attracted a new family.


Recent kill list survivor Astoria went to her forever home last week. This gorgeous little gal now resides in Brooklyn with Jennifer, her son and an older feline companion. Jennifer is totally in love with Astoria and we know that this little kitten is in excellent, loving care



Pulled as a bottle baby by Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue, Marble was only 27 days old. He was sick and was fostered and nursed back to health by Janine. This cutie found his forever home with the sweet couple that recently adopted another of Janine's previous fosters -- Lilly. Marble and Lilly are getting along great! Happy life, Marble! We know you are in good hands.


After a very rough beginning to her life -- being rescued as a 3 week old stray and nursed back to health, Meep was adopted and went to her forever home today!!! She now lives with Lauren and her family in New Jersey. She has been renamed Harper. It was a bittersweet goodbye for Meep's foster parents, but they know she is with a nice family who will love and care for her always.



Hello world! I'm Boomer. I just made it to my new home after Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue pulled me off the euthanize list at the shelter when my new mom said she'd adopt me! I was so excited when I met her that I pooped in her hands when she picked me up. Good thing she already loves me! (But she did have to give me a bath the minute we got home. Boo! I guess I shouldn't live up to my name so much...)

We wish Boomer and her new Mom, Carolina, a happy life!



Saved from the NYC kill list as a bottle baby, Missy was fostered and raised by Roseanne D.  A nice couple fell in love with Missy Moomoo and adopter her in June of 2015.  This playful little gal lives happily in her new home.


Coco's story is sad, but has a happy ending. She lived in a home since she was a kitten but because of a terminal disease in the family, her owners surrendered her at age 7. She has a great personality. She is extremely affectionate and after 2 hours at her foster home, she was making herself feel at home. She made such a great impression her foster mom decided to keep her.






ADOPTION UPDATE: After spending about two weeks recovering from a URI at a Temp Foster's, Pop was transported to his new home yesterday with Susan in Maine. Happy Life, Pop!


ADOPTION UPDATE:Cris was adopted by Eric on Staten Island.  He spends his days playing and watching Eric's turtle swim around in the tank.  What a life.


ADOPTION UPDATE:Chloe was adopted by a nice family and now lives in Queens, NY.  


Bjoux and her two sisters, Spunky Brewster and Blotch were all adopted at one of our events. Bjoux is living the good life on Staten Island Happy Life!


Maverick found his forever home!!  


This sweet kitten was adopted by a nice couple at our Clear The Shelters Event.



This handsome 5 year old Siamese was dumped at the kill shelter because "he sheds too much". One of our fosters took him in, sparing his life and giving him a 2nd chance to find happiness. Yesterday, Rowan found his new family and was adopted at our Petco event!


Jerry lives on Staten Island with Lauren and her family. The daughters (triplets) already love Jerry.  


Super friendly Sylvester was seen at our Petco location, he was a big hit with many potential adopters, but only one was lucky enough to make him their best friend.


The bothers were adopted together by the Mullusky family.  They live happily on Staten Island.


Mamma (Junie B) and Georgette were adopted together at our Clear The Shelters event.  They live happily on Staten Island with Susan and her family.



This poor kitten, a recent Kill list survivor, needed to have both of his eyes removed due to a terrible infection. It takes a special kind of person to care for a "handicapped" pet, Sonic was lucky enough to have two special people, Carol and Tom, step up and offer him a forever home.
Now known as SONIC BOOM (or Boomie for short) is living the good life in Queens with his new family. What he lacks in sight, he more than makes up for in love and personality. Tom and Carol reported that this cuddle bug is doing very well and growing fast! We wish them all the very best!



After being dumped because "they got too big" The two bonded kitties found a new home. Yesterday Baby and Shadow went their new forever family with Cheryl and Gabby. This is the life they deserve! 
Cheryl writes:
"So we got the kitties yesterday and they are so sweet! We spent the day letting them get acclimated to their new digs and us. Gab is so happy and I love watching her with them. Here are a few pics..."



Sweet Pea is a cat with severe CH (Cerebella Hypoplasia). He requires a lot of patience and a lot of care.  His foster Mom, Heather and her family decided that this boy was just too sweet not to adopt.  They are an exceptiona; family that have decided to give him a caring forever home where he will receive a lot of therapy and encouragement and love. 


As you can see from his intake photo at AC&C, Benny came to us very sick. He had a terrible URI and with some neurological damage to one of his hind legs. Although he already had an adopted lined up, Benny stayed in temporary fostering with two of our volunteers and was nursed back to health until he was well even to travel to his forever home.

Now named Binx, he is with his new Mom Holly and her family in Maryland. Holly reports that although Binx is adjust quite well. He is a gentle, loving boy/ Although he may never fully recover the use of his leg, he manages to get around just fine. In fact, he can move pretty fast!


Saved from the NYC AC&C kill list as a three week old bottle baby, Blotch and her sisters were cared for by a foster. Al three gals were adopted at our event last weekend and tonight, little Blotch went to her forever home with Melody. We love happy endings.



Saved from the NYC AC&C kill list as a three week old bottle baby, Spunky Brewster and her sisters were cared for by a foster. All three gals were adopted!  Spunky Brewster now lives with Ryan on Staten Island.



This lucky little kitty lives on Staten Island andis now spoiled rotten by her doting caregiver.  She is wel loved and gives as much as she gets.


Sweet, friendly, eight month old Bubba was seen at our Petco location and was adopted very quickly.


This young gal was adopted at one of our Petco adoption weekends.


Willow now lives happily with Eva Wang and her family in Manhattan.


Autumn, formerly Harley was adopted in September and went to live with her new family where she will be happy and spoiled.


We pulled Angela from Animal Control for Jaqueline.  Here is what she wrote when Angela arrived at her new home:"We just got Angela home a little while ago and shortly after she hopped out of the box she has been rolling on the floor and purring on everybody! She's so cuddly they can't keep their hands off of her and she doesn't mind at all. I don't know how anyone could've partied with this cat because she is a sweetheart thank you so much for all your help."



 14 year old Meow-Mewo was adopted by Elizabeth.  She rite "She's doing great. Sleeps with us. And her boyfriend Tank another recent rescue is in love with her."


Meet Ava and Charlie Garmendia, sisters. These two little 4-month-old darlings decided to adopt us today. They literally chose US! 

We decided to honor our cat Misty's memory by rescuing two kittens instead of one. Misty passed away yesterday morning. I know Misty is smiling down on us from Kitty Heaven.


Gilbert found his happy forever home!  Thanks to his foster for giving him the 2nd chance at life!

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