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Staten Island Hope News

Goose gets help needed

April 2018

We found an injured goose in Bayonne NJ.

He was unable to walk or eat.  

A Special Thanks to Dr. Singh for placing a splint on Goosie. Thank you Carolyn Randazzo for placing him into a Bird Sanctuary to live out the

rest of his honking life.

Watch what happens when cat gets stuck atop 30-foot-high pole


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Christopher Mancuso may not be an emergency service worker, but thanks to his "pet cause" so to speak, he knows what it's like to be on call for any type of crisis.

"Rescue sometimes is 24-7," said Mancuso, director of Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue, which specializes in the rescue and placement of abused, unwanted and abandoned companion animals. "If there's some way I can help, I will always try."

That being said, it's no surprise that Mancuso sprang into action when he got a message on Staten Island Hope's Facebook page at almost 11 p.m. on Feb. 3.

A woman wrote that she could see a cat stuck up on a pole -- about 30 feet high -- at Tessa Court and Van Duzer Street in Stapleton. She had reached out to local firehouses as well as police for help, but still hadn't seen anyone show up.

February 10 2017

New book brings together pets and the paranormal for a good cause

October 18, 2016

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y.-- Christopher Mancuso has managed to bring together two of his favorite interests: pets and the paranormal.

The animal advocate, who is the director of Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue, is releasing his first book, "Tails from the Other Side: Pets and the Paranormal." The book, which is being released on Halloween, is a collection of anecdotes from Mancuso and and more than three dozen contributors about their experiences with pets and the afterlife.

The book is published by Myth Ink books and edited by Anthony S. Burdge,

editor/author and social media contact for Myth Ink Books, and Jessica Burke,

editor in chief and author at Myth Ink Books. It is illustrated by Luke Spooner.

Mancuso admits he was skeptical about the spirit world when he first started

investigating the paranormal 14 years ago. 


How to adopt a pet: Things to consider before you get an animal

September 19, 2016

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- When choosing to adopt a pet, the process may seem overwhelming, particularly to first-time pet owners. Fortunately, those who have been matching foster animals with families for years have some advice...


Christopher Mancuso, a director of Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue, also recommends doing your homework. One way to do research is to speak to informed volunteers who can fill you in on what you need to know about taking care of the animal you are considering adopting.


Animal Deaths Down and Adoptions Up Amid Reforms at New York Shelters

January 20, 2016


Animal Care Centers “tries to do the right thing,” said Councilman Corey Johnson, a Manhattan Democrat who is chairman of the Health Committee. “But they’re extremely underfunded and don’t have the right facilities.”


But there is fresh hope on that front, too: A design firm the city hired last year is scouting sites to build full-service shelters in the Bronx and Queens, something advocates, lawmakers and Animal Care Centers itself have long urged. The existing shelters, in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island, are also being upgraded or expanded.Animal advocates and agency officials alike said new shelters could go far to alleviate overcrowding and check the spread of disease.



"Herbie the Hero Cat" Makes an Appearance on "My Cat from Hell"

April 30, 2016

Herbie was one of many cats on death row at NYCACC when Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue foster and volunteer Janine stepped up to foster him. Little did she know that in saving his life, he would repay her in an unbelievable way!


Take a minute to watch the full segment of Herbie's appearance!

SI Animal Rescue Group Has High Hopes for Anti-Cruelty Legislation By: Shannan Ferry 

July 25, 2014 12:31 AM


NY1 VIDEO: A local animal rescue group is hoping a newly passed piece of state legislation which cracks down on pet abuse will decrease animal cruelty on the Island.  



Clock ticking for stray cats that survived Sandy, as Oakwood Beach buyouts, demolitions radically transform familiar turf

May 7, 2014


SIHR was mentioned in a recent article on SI Live website for anyone that doesn't know we have been helping with cats in Oakwood Beach of Staten Island to help relocate them to an animal sanctuary in L.I.  along with the help of Ferils in Peril spay/neuter clinic that assisted the residents with spay/neutering for these feral cats. Some will be going via transport this month with us and one of the home owners that has been caring for them for some time. If anyone can donate to the sanctuary Happy Homes Cat Sanctuary in L.I. or to Ferils in Perils both organizations do great work 



Staten Islanders tend to animals affected by Hurricane Sandy's destruction

November 07, 2012 

Michelle Christofilakes and volunteers of Staten Island Hope coordinated volunteer searches for lost and stranded animals in flooded neighborhoods and arranged foster care for the animals of displaced persons.



S.I. Rescuers Find 38 Cats Living In Filthy House

November 6, 2010 2:27 PM


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