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The Best Stories Are Happy!
Past Happy Tails



D'Morien (formerly Sebastian) had a broken leg.  He was adopted by a loving couple Cathy & Chris Mancuso on Staten Island in December of 2013.  He is now living happily with a brother (Van Duzer) and two sisters (Molly & Caramel).



This is Goldie recently adopted to Marilyn in Indiana. He won the kitty lotto and so did we. He's a total mushy lovebug and he's happy as a clam. we all adore him all ready. He even loves my toddler grandson. I want to get some good pictures of him, but he rubs so much all we get is a body part. We'll keep trying! I can't thank you all enough for what you do! Just keep doing it!

Hi Michelle. Tony and Vito are doing great! Couldn't be a more perfect match for us. They're completely at home and comfortable. Thank yout, They are enjoying their new home and we are really happy Megan gave them a second chance could not be happier for these two boys.


This is Pam adopted to Jessica in Staten Island who suffered a leg injury, was from ACC in NYC. Pam required orthopedic reconstruction to allow her the ability to walk again which was done at Redbank Animal Hosptial. She is thriving at her new home and a little overweight but happy, she recently had a new companion move into her home as you can see they are getting along great.


Bobo and Mark were adopted in January 2012 to Denise Azrilen


They were rescued before being put to sleep at local city shelter due to lack of space. Bobo and Mark are truly best friends and very sweet companions according to Denise they are acclimating great to their new home.

From adopter Debbie Dove


"Murphy is such a blessing. He is 9 pounds of fluffy love. All he wants to do is love, be loved, play, explore every corner of my place (he loves the bathtub!), sing/talk at the top of his lungs, beg for food and nap....oh, and taunt his 7 year old sister cat, Molly (who thinks he is a menace but is slowly warming up to him).Thanks to Staten Island Hope Rescue for pulling him for me from death row NYC animal control. I can't imagine this little energetic ball of love not having the opportunity to live his life. Again, he is a blessing. I love him very much.".



The Patches story: My friend Annette Davis shared his picture, as he was on the "kitty death row" list at Animal Care at Animal Care & Control in NYC. I reviewed his profile and saw that he had been at th...e shelter a long time, and his back legs were deformed. He looked just like my other cats (Piggy and the Sophies), so I decided I had to have him. It just wasn't fair that they deemed him unadoptable, I assume, because of his legs. I contacted a rescue, and Michael Dietrich at Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue picked him up and fostered him for me until I could get to NYC. I happened to be in Hershey, PA for work that weekend, and that's about 1.5 hours away, so it worked out great. It turns out he walks a little oddly, but he gets around fine. He's super sweet. The vet says he should probably stay in one room during the day and at night to protect his joints, but other than that, he's just one of the gang.


Hi SI Hope, The kittens are doing GREAT! They and our other cat Timmy get along great (we call them the 3 amigos). Here is a recent pic of the 3 of them in an area we call "kitties Korner" because it's right near a vent so they get cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. That's Penny and our older cat Timmy on the blanket and Joey near the vent. We are so amazed that after just 5 weeks the kittens are so at home here. Penny is the sweetest little girl cat I have ever seen and Joey is as playful and affectionate as can be. Adopting them has worked out great for everyone. Thanks very much for bringing them into our lives!


Sincerely, Mark, Joyce, Timmy, Joey and little Penny


Lesa King


I want to thank you again for bringing Taylor to me! A recent rescue from NYCACC thanks to the help of volunteers Mike and Ray from SIHR


New update of Max an NYCACC A0980782 rescue at home with Rebecca she emailed Jenna from cat temps to say this about Max.

Max is doing great! He is just a huge teddy bear. He wants to always sit by my feet & rub my legs. He does great withthe kids & my other cats give Max baths. I just love him.


I really was inspired to get involved with animals more. Since then I have fostered 11 cats & have found homes for 6 of them so far. I got in contact with a lady that has her own rescue close to where I live. I go to the animal control unit with her & pick the ones I want to foster. It's so hard not to take them all!

Death Row kitten Kennedy now named Percy in his forever home.



Update of Pepper rescued from NYCACC A0981198 and adopted to Julianne Strand. Pepper had some minor medical issues and was surrendered to NYCACC.  Once pepper arrived at her new home it was clear to see her medical issues  were easily treatable.  She is now doing well at her home and put on a healthy weight.



Teddy is doing very well with his new famly in NC. He was rescued in October from NYCACC.


Update of rescue Tommy A0974695 rescued in August with other cat also an ACC rescue Woodstock at their home in Staten Island Thank you Winn family for giving them a loving home.

Update from recent adopter at Whiskers and Wonderland event Dallas was long time foster of our rescue originally from NYCACC who is now named Emma and lives happily with sister, Cookie/


Update of rescue Honey Bun A0979064 in her new home now named Madison with Phelan Family. Thanks for giving her a new start!!


Update of Jack A0991288 recent NYCACC rescue from adopter Susan Rayl

Jack had a really rough start with a tail injury which needed a tail amputation. He is doing better and is

very loved by Susan and his feline siblings.


Formerly Dixie, Nia had to undergo some extra Vet care due to the fact that she had some issues with her paws being turned in. She has made a full recovery and  now lives happily with Nikki on Staten Island.


Update of Lestat rescued from living outside in NYC now with his human family Barbara Novak.



Update photo of Ranel from Patricia Turco in Staten Island another NYCACC rescue from years ago when we first started to do pet adoptions in Animal Pantry in Staten Island.

Recent Update of Lemon A0985209 an NYCACC rescue now named Crumbles in home with Katy Hansen


Thanks so much to everyone that donated for this fundraiser the cat Lucky is now finally at his new home with the family that found him outside. Sandy the adopter sent this email to us today with a photo:



Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and SI Hope rescue for helping me with Lucky Kitty. He came home last Thursday. We are over the moon with him. He is so sweet and lovable. I thought he would be the opposite from being in a cage for 6 months. Just the first night he was under the bed and now he is on the bed LOL. We renamed him Kenji. He is always happy and playful. Here is a picture of him. He is extremely handsome. We love him so much…..Thank you for giving him a chance. Dr. V and staff were so instrumental in his happiness, they loved him also. Look at that face….. Regards, Sandy - 


We are so happy that this handsome bonded pair was adopted together.  One of them is blind, and although he could function normally otherwise, this fact made it more difficult to get the duo adopted. They had been at the rescue for a considerable time, passed over for adoption many times. Luckily, a caring soul stepping up and offered them a loving home together.  Ace and Bootz are finally living the happy life they deserve!


This is an update from Beverly, their adopter


April 9 will be a month since Bootz and Ace came to live with me.They are really starting to come out of their "shells." They can be found wandering throughout the house, especially in the evening hours. They have met the dogs and decided dogs are OK. They love chasing the laser pointer! At night, they get a can of moist cat food as a treat. Ace uses his paw as a spoon, scoops the food onto his paw, and eats the food off his paw! In all my years as a cat owner, he is the first cat I've ever had to do this. I am in the process of building a "catio." I think they, as well as my other cats will enjoy being able to go outside to watch the chipmunks, squirrels, birds, etc., and I won't have to worry about them getting hurt or running away!


NYCACC rescue kittens Alize and Grey goose in new home with Michelle in Levittown Long Island


UPDATE: Rescue Lillyanna is happy with her new family. According to her adopter, she is a sweety.


UPDATE: Tidings was adopted by Kate and is doing very well.  Thanks for giving this beautiful feline a second chance!


Formerly Gypsy.  Claire is changing her owner's life for the better everyday.


UPDATE: Starsky is chillin' in his forever home, living the good life, and he couldn't be happier..  


UPDATE from adopter Sue H. on Velvet A0997427 (renamed Hope) a recent NYCACC rescue that had a severe infection on the jaw that was treated by Aadobe animal hospital in SI. She is now enjoying her new home with her new friend thanks to the veterinarians and the adopter who donated towards her veterinarian care.


UPDATE: Peanut currently lives on Staten Island. 
She now has a protective big brother. 


Update of super special kitty Lin a rescue from NYCACC with two damaged eyes that needed a double eye enucleation now renamed Odysseus "Odie" by Beth Cameron doing wonderfully at his new home. name is Odysseus "Odie" for short. I was named after Homer's hero! I am in a permanent home! I want to thank the people at Staten Island Hope Rescue, Michelle Christofilakes & her mother Diane for saving me until my Mom could take me home.


Sarah was recently adopted to a nice Staten Island family with three children at one of our Petco adoption weekends in May.  We're so happy this sweet cat has found a good home.  


Morris was recently adopted at Maddie's Adoption Days event in Manhattan.  We know he will live a long, satisfying life in his new forever home. Meow.


Lucinda was adopted at Maddie's adoption days!  We're glad she has found a forever home.


Patches was adopted at Maddie's adoption days in 2014!  She is going to make her new human companions very happy!


Formerly named Pudge, Holden was a bottle baby in Foster Care and was adopted in June of 2014.  He loves tp cuddle with his new Mom and his new big, doggie brother.  We look forward to see more photos from from new home as he grows up.


Mitts was adopted off the kill list by Emily and Michael in 2012.  At their wedding reception in 2014, the newlyweds made a generous $1.000 donation to our rescue in lieu of party favors.  This will help allow us to continue saving animals like Mitts.

Mitts continues to thrive in his new home with his caring family. 


Photo update we received today from Henry that adopted Benny, a long time foster from NYCACC of our rescue group. Benny was adopted by a wealthy investmeent bank at the 2914 NYC at Maddie's Fund event. He is living large and his new dad absolutely adores him.  Way to go, Benny!


Dotty A0995066 that was adopted by the very nice Jennie that helps Cat temps group. Dotty was rescued from NYCACC


The is an equally happy and sad occasion as Sami, a long time foster was delivered to an awsome family in Rhineback, NY. Many thanks tp Kim Hunter for taking Sami, the rescue's favorite CH (Cerebral Hypoplasia) kitty to give her a loving home. She will be missed, but knowing that she has a forever home makes us very happy.


Formerly Marcus, Tabbie was on list to be put to sleep at ACC at only 5 months old. Chsako Baba saw the post on our FaceBook page and immediately stepped up to give him a loving home before it was too late.

His new name is Tabbie.  His new Mom reports

 "Tabbie is a very friendly and good cat. He is still sneezing etc but good care&rest &medicine will do. Other two cats are still upset about Tabbie, but I know they will be fine very soon. Thanks!"


Stories like this one never ceas to make us smile.  We wish Tabbie, Chisako, and the rest of the Baba family much happiness!  


Update on recently adopted kitten through SIHR from Susan

Hi friend at Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue! I am one of the lucky kittens that was adopted through your wonderful organization. My former name was Little Red but now my name is Thomas Redmond Smilow. My mommy adopted me at one of your adoption fairs at Petco on Richmond Avenue three weeks ago. I absolutely love my new forever home and have become quite spoiled and happy. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me before I was adopted. You are an amazing group of people . Love, hugs and catnip kisses from Thomas


Found as a stray, she was on the kill list at only 4 weeks old. Formerly named SARA BELLA, Khaleesi is a special needs kitty. She has CH (Cerebella Hypoplasia) which is a neurological disorder that causes tremors and also a lack of coordination whereas the affected cat can not walk straight. It is commonly referred to as "wobble syndrome". Wobble Cats are considered less adoptable because of their condition, add on top of that that the kitty is black and she already had two strikes against her.   

Two volunteers from our organization stepped up to save her life.  Adopted by Cathy & Christopher Mancuso, Khaleesi is now safe and in a caring home.  She has two sisters and two brothers, one of which (D'Morien) was also adopted through Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue.


Update of Lex aka Bailey rescued from NYCACC from adopter Jen.

They absolutely adore him and he gets along great with their dog Daisy. We are very happy for Lex to get a second chance please think about fostering or adopting a shelter cat or dog it will save their lives and bring you a lot of joy!!


Update on Ben recent NYCACC A0993400 rescue in new home with Renee. Ben is very attached to Renee he follows her all over she is very happy to have him as part of her family and thankful he was rescued.


Elsie (formerly Elf) and her foster brother Smudge were saved from the kill list at only days old. They had to be bottle fed by their foster, Janine.  Herbie, an older foster brother, really looked after the tiny kittens. 

Now at almost five months old, they recently found a home together. They were adopted by a very nice couple, Heidi and Matthew of Staten Island.  The two kitties will miss Herbie, bit they now have a new 14 year old big brother, Smokey. They also live in a house with fish tank and a high hanging bird cage, so there's hours of endless entertainment on "Cat TV"


We know they will be happy and we are glad they got to remain together.








Herbie was such an awesome, lovavble cat that he was adopted by his own foster, Janine, who knew that she just couldn't give him up.


She made her final decision when Herbie show real concern for her sick child.  When he thought the baby needed help, Herbie actually got Janine to follow him to see the child.  Luckily, everything was okay, but that just goes to show the kind of cat Herbie is!  


We wish Herbie, Janine and the entire family the very best!


Beautiful and fluffy, 3 year old Pumpkin was abandoned by her owner at Petco.  Placed inside a duffel bug within a carrier, she was discarded in the back of the store. She was just adopted and is living happily with Doreen in Staten Island.


Bighead was rescued from a home in Staten Island where the owner passed away from a serious illness leaving behind around 20 cats/kittens in the home.  He has recently been adopted and is loving his new home!


UPDATE: Recently adopted, LILLY now has a big sister and is well cared for. We love happy endings. Her new Mom writes: 



Tang was rescued as a kitten.  He spent the first few weeks of his life struggling to survive various illnesses.  Despite medical attention it was uncertain if Tang would live/  Luckily, he did! He almost lost both of his eyes due to infection which left him partially blind in his right eye. Staten Island Hope cared for him and brought him back to health.  Once he was well enough, Tang was adopted by Cathy and Chris Mancuso, two SI Hope volunteers who recently lost an adopted kitten, Khaleesi.  They decided the best way to honor her memory was to adopt another "less adoptable" rescue kitten.  Tang now has two brother and two sisters


Fluffy was a volunteer favorite.  He is a handsome long haired cat who loves attention.  Now, in his forever home he will certainly get all the attention he deserves!


Leah's was  adopted in November of 2014.  She now happily resides with Debbie M on Staten Island.  Needless to saym Debbie is happy too.


After the loss of a beloved cat Deacon, Maria and Tom had a void in their lives.  The other pets in the household also felt the loss. Then along came Jack. He wore their hearts.  Jack now lives with Maria and Tom on Staten Island.  He has a feline brother Frost and big doogie sister named Bella who absolutely adores him.


Kimmie's profile picture was seen on our Faceook page by Nicole D. who fell in love with this sweet girl and contacted us immediately. Her new mom says "Kimmie is the best  ..thank you so much we love her lots!"
And THANK YOU Nicole for giving our Kimmie a good home.




Update of Liam A1010300 NYCACC rescue in his new home with his new friend thanks to the foster family of Debra in Queens for opening up their home to help this kitten got a second chance!!!




Rescued from the kill llist, Emma made such a good impreesion she was adopted by her foster family



JOEY WHISKERS went to his forever home over the 
weekend. And boy, did this little guy hit the jackpot! Here is Joey pictured with his new companion, Sirius. Congratulations, Joey!!


NIKO found a forever home in time for the holidays. We are very happy for him! His new family sent us a picture of Niko in his happy home.
"Thank you so much for everything. He is just perfect!! We love him so much"


Here is Dali' ( formerly Sylvester) happily settled into her new home! 


Kathy pulled by SIHAR almost 3yrs ago. We officially adopted her this summer. She was renamed Nelly after being pulled from the acc. They may have spay aborted her babies but she's been playing foster mama to very kitten and even some adults since.We absolutely adore her.!


Update of Maggie and Melvin (NYC ACC rescues A1017613,15) in new home with Amanda and family having lots of fun. Thank you for giving them a good home with a lot of love!! 


Tina writes:

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to bring Minnie and I together. She loves being Olivia and has been adjusting so well.
I am especially thankful to you Christopher. As you may recall, my initial position was that I wanted a younger kitten and you recommended I meet Minnie anyway. She has been an absolute delight. She believes I am her mother as she kneads on me. Her favorite place to sleep? - On my neck, and while shes there she nibbles my ear. I'm just loving this new life and have promised my Olivia that I will always be there for her. 
Warmest regards to you and yours.
Love, Tina "


ADOPTION UPDATE : BABY formerly Bindi 

Donna writes:"She is fitting in well and a very lovely cat thank you very much for putting us together"












Gabriella was found alone as a stray kitten.  She was being fostered by a kind-hearted woman name Debbie.  Poor Gabriella developed some health issues involving her breathing.  It was at that time Debbie and her husband decided that they would officially adopt Gabriella as part of their family.  Debbie is making every effort to get Gabriella well, although it is unknown if there is any treatment for her condition. Regardless, we are sure that Gabriella is in the best possible hand and she live her life being loved and cared for be her family.



Formerly Olvia, Olive is now living happily with her new family.  He new brother simply adores her and she certainly doesn't mind all the affection.


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