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How To Keep Your 

Pet Healthy

Pet Care

Before you give up your pet... Contact Pet Help Partners!

Before you give up your pet, contact Pet Help Partners! They may be able to help you and your pet stay together! Their free and low cost services include:


  • Pet behavior advice and training

  • Pet health and spay/neuter information

  • Referrals to our partner veterinarians

  • Boarding or other temporary options for pets during a crisis

  • Assistance with pet-related housing conflicts

  • Allergy and shedding solutions, and pet  grooming

  • Support, problem-solving, and creative solutions


Call Pet Help Partners at 917-484-3169  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Please also see our website at


Thank you!


Joyce Friedman

Program Manager, Pet Help Partners

t 917.468.0487     f 866.423.6331

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