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A Special $1,000 Donation


This is great news that we just had to share. A recent, extremely generous donation of $1,000 was received from Emily and Michael. The loving couple adopted Mitts, a kill-list rescue, about two years ago. At their wedding reception, the newlyweds opted to make this generous donation to our rescue instead of giving party favors to their guests. The donation will be put towards continuing to rescue and treat cats like Mitts and help them find their forever homes.

We offer Emily and Michael our sincerest gratitude and wish them a long, blessed marriage.

"Our daughter Emily and now son-in-law Michael adopted a cat about 2 years ago from you [Mitts, off the kill list] and in lieu of party favors at their wedding reception on Saturday they chose to make a donation to the shelter. "

-Sue Goodman

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