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Intake/Owner Surrender Form

  An owner surrender includes animals in households where the owner can no longer care for the pet, as well as stray or abandoned pets. Although we’d love to help every animal in need, due to our limited number of foster homes we accept a minimal number of owner-surrendered animals into our foster program. In addition, Staten Island Hope is unable to accept animals with the following behaviors: *Human aggression tendencies, *Multiple bite history and/or *Severe separation anxiety

If you would like more information on surrendering an animal, please review our process below:

1.First, complete Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue Intake/surrender Questionnaire. Please note: Submitting this form does not guarantee that Staten Island Hope will be able to take the cat. *Cat MUST be up to date on vaccinations, **Must be FIV/FELV tested. Additional paperwork will be required for low income s

2. Staten Island Hope will review the Intake Questionnaire and respond via email within 3 business days.

3. If approved to go into our foster program we will make an appointment for you to bring your pet to our veterinarian for evaluation along with required veterinarian paperwork regarding vaccinations, fiv/felv testing, Staten Island Hope requires that we assess the cats’s behavior and temperament prior to accepting a cat into our foster program.

4.If intake is approved, you will be required to sign a release agreement. We also request a donation of $75.00 to offset costs we incur to accept an animal into foster care. Only if you are able to submit proof of NY residence plus proof of public assistance such as welfare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI)disability, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or public housing will we waive intake fee. Those receiving unemployment benefits do not qualify.

5.Upon signing the release agreement, Staten Island Hope takes ownership of the animal, and then places the animal in a Staten Island Hope foster home.  Only under circumstances where our veterinarian deems it necessary to euthanize a foster animal due to medical conditions that will affect quality of life will the surrendered animal be euthanized.


***At The present time we do not have any room available for fostering within our current foster homes for new cats. If you need help to place friendly stray cats and owner surrender animals you must be able to foster, and attend our adoption events on weekends for our organization. Our current fosters cannot intake anymore cats to avoid overcrowding.
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