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Adoptable Pets 

There is an adoption fee for a cat/kitten of $90 which is non-refundable covering the costs for FIV/FeLV testing, spay/neutering, and vaccinations.


*** Home visits are required to insure animals are going to a safe environment.***

Remember that it will take your new feline friend a while to feel comfortable at home. Be patient, allow the cat to explore their new environment and provide lots of gentle handling and petting in a quiet, calm place.

Visit some of our adoptable pets located at
2795 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314
In addition we hold weekend adoption events every other Saturday/Sunday from 12-4pm



Click on any picture to fill out adoption form


COCO BOO was found in a warehouse, is 4 months and seeking a 'furrrever home'..
He's cute, self asured, affectionate, loves other cats and stands up for himself. He has all his shots, and will be neutered before he goes to his furrrever home.


Tang is a 5 month old special needs kitty. She has moderate cerebellar Hypoplasia aka wobbles syndrome, which is a neurological disorder affecting mobility. She is very friendly and really loves to be held and comforted by her human. Tang can eat and drink on her own, but struggles with walking. As she gets older she will learn to compensate for her disability. She hasn't yet fully grasped how to use the litter box all the time, but will use a wee-wee pad.


Baby Spice is safe with Foster, Valerie. She writes:
"Thought you'd like to see a pic of Baby Spice settling in. We've nicknamed her "ittybittykitty" because she is just so small for a 2yr old! After a few days, she's really come out of her shell and become such a friendly and curious little lady. "



This is Zeus, he is a 1 1/2 year old male. Due to family allergies I cannot keep him. He's very friendly and gets along with other cats, dogs and loves to cuddle up with them and humans, of course. He's very affectionate and is always ready to play. He would do very well in a home with children and/or other animals.


Coach foster mom has nothing but great things to say about him. After a rough start in life, he nearly died as a young kitten. It was thought that he would lose his eyes and be blind. But Coach is recovred and although his eyes appear somewhat cloudy, he can see just fine! He is playful and affectionate.  He gets along well with other pets.



My name is Cookie and I am super loving calico female kitty with green eyes. If you adopt me will I will want to overwhelm you with affection. I love being close to my best friends and sit and lay next to them wherever they are. I love making friends with humans and other cats. I have never hung out with a dog before but I am pretty fearless even though I didn't grow up to be very big. I am over two years old but I haven't grown any bigger in a while. I was the runt of my litter so I probably will remain the size of a big kitten forever. I love to play and be pet."


My name is Shook and I like to be called Shookie. I got my name because I am a wimpy mush. I'm a big 4 year old boy with white and black fur and blue eyes. I love to lay on top of my friends and snuggle with them. I am very affectionate and love to cuddle. I like to play with shadows on the walls and with the water in my water bowl. I enjoy playing with other cats but I've never hung out with a dog. I am neutered. "


Hello my name is Blaire, a 3 year old female, and I’m very proud of myself. I was a stray who didn’t have many friends but I’ve been in a loving foster home for 4 months and I have made such progress! I like to sit and watch TV with you. My favorite toys are bouncy balls and the red laser dot. I enjoy watching the birds out the window. Catnip makes me turn into a kitten; I love it and roll around when I get some! When you talk to me I will listen very intently, blink lovingly and sometimes offer my own chirps and meows (my chirps are adorable they say). My diet is good and I’m clean and healthy. I do like my comfort zone however and don’t care to be touched, by people or other animals. I will brush by you to feel you out; I just need someone with a little patience and understanding. Life’s been a challenge but now I really want a forever home.


These two 9 month old bonded sisters we found living outside as 5 month old kittens, frightened and alone.  They were taken in by and cared for by a kind woman.  The girls are bonded.  Sweety is very attached to her sister and is completely lost without her. Joy is more outgoing and she give confidence to her sister,   They are always together. Sweety and Joy can be shy around new people at first, but they are playful and loving.



Kathryn was born on May 13. She is a playful, energetic, feisty little girl. She enjoys plaing with balls, feathers, items that light up and bags. Kathryn gets along with other cats given time to adjust. She is in need of a home to provide her with the love and attention she deserves.


Kangaroo loves belly rubs and will lie on a lap, though not to sleep, but enjoys being held,  Kangaroo is affectionate, though does not get underfoot, and she's uncomfortable being held while standing but will cuddle up next to you.



These two young kitties are inseparable.  They love each other very much and are looking for a good home together. They are sweet kittens, although they may be a little shy around new people they are quick to love.


Monkey is a really nice guy rescued from animal control in NYC who was set to be euthanized due to a bite wound he had to be on a quarantine for 6 months.  He is now over all that traumatic experience and is In a loving foster home located in Staten Island.  He gets along well with other cats but is not a big fan of dogs. Monkey overall is a really sweet cat that is very lucky to have found a good foster.   Monkey is around 3 years old, negative for fiv/felv, up to date with shots and vaccinated.


Legolas (aka O'Day) is approximately 16 weeks old.  At the age of 8 weeks he was found injured in the streets of New York City.  Unsure if he was hot by a car or abused, this kitty had a crushed right hand paw as well as a tail fracture. It was thought he may lose his leg and part of his tail.

Legolas injuries have healed and he remains whole, although he does suffer from a limp due to his previous injuries,  Very fearful at first, Legolas has become quite a happy boy nowadays.  He purrs as soon as he is picked up and loves to be petted and cuddled. He is a playful kitten who gets along well with other cats.


Her name is Kitty and she's 1 yr old. She's the friendly cat the woman found so we will need a foster/ adopter for her. She is very friendly and likes to be held. Was dumped in the lobby of Jersey street projects!


Mietzi is a little over a year old. She belonged to a very elderly man who was hospitalized many times, leaving Mietzi to herself in the apartment. Mietzi now thrives on petting and playing and is learning to get along with other cats. She needs a home with some one who is cat savvy, Mietzi still gives 'smacky paw' when she's nervous and will take a little time to adjust. She's a very affectionate little lap cat full of playfulness and fun and with the right home will blossom!


Purple is a young, b;ack male who was saved from the kill list at NYC ACC.  He is sweet, friendly and hoping for a home of his own.



Is about 9 months old.  What a love bug! He enjoys playing with his foster family and taking long naps on in the sun.


Wesley - gray and white; three years old, spayed, female

Wesley was ear tipped as feral, but she is no such thing. She is a loving cat. It is soothing to pet her because her fur is so soft and she is appreciative of loving. She is an easy cat to handle, gets a long with other cats, and is content to sit on your lap or snuggle.



Her name is Starburst (aka Babyface). She is 6 years old. UTD on shots and spayed. She is deaf. She also had reversed eye lid surgery. She was surrendered by her owner of 6 years due to these 2 minimal medical problems. She is not a fan of other pet, so she needs to be an only pet She is super loving and a purr bag. Excellent with kids and people.


A1059020 - YAMS was saved from the Kill List ast NYC Animal Control. He is approximately 3 years old. Found as a stray, it is likely that he was once someone's pet.  And that's all he wants to be again! He is very friendly & sweet. 


You can see it in his eyes that this 5 year old boy is just looking to be love . He's a lovable, sweetheart. All he needs is a little love and care . YOU Can See It In His Eyes He's Been Thought A Lot And Still Is the sweet Boy..


Found several months ago as a young kitten living as a stray. Cali is a pretty tortie. She was rescued by a kind woman who has taken her in and is caring for her. She has come a long way from the frightened kitten and while she is still shy at first, she warms up once she knows you. This beautiful girl clearly wants to be loved and wants a forever family to claim as her how. Cali is now 8 months old, spayed and given her first shots.


A1048215 - REBECCA is about a year old. Very nice cat.  She is friendly and looks for attention. She gets a little nervous being picked up, but never gets mean. She enjoys toys and gets along with other cats



A1044244 - TRUFFLES -Dunped by his former owner with regard, Truffles was saved from being euthanized. He is four years old and a  very sweet cat.  He is large but very gentle.  He gets a little nervous being picked up. He would rather come to sit by you.  Truffles also lived with another cat and they were friends. He is an indoor cat with a medium activity level. He is very attention seeking of his humans andloves to play with string toys, wand toys and catnip toys



1 year old sweet lovable Girl. she needs to be the only princess of the house ,she loves humans but doesn't get along with other cats too well. she loves to sit by your side all day and sleep with you at night if she feels like she's missing love she will definitely let you know by gently patting your le leg to get a pet .she's the definition of a lap cat and a great companion.


Sassy was saved from the kill list as a young kitten.  She is a "sassy" cat with catitude.  She likes to play and enjoys wearing cute dresses.


Pepper is about 2 years old, he is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.  He is a bit on the shy side and indepemdent although he does like to hang out on the couch with you and watch TV. Like many cats he wants attention on his own terms, but he is a sweet boy. He is fostered at New Hope Rescue Ranch on Long Island.


She is a chunky girl about 2 years old.  She loves people, but is not a fan of other pets, she would do best as an only pet. She will snuggle on your lap and really enjoys a good petting.  She has beautiful eyes.


Maria.  She is two and another perfect cat.  She is affectionate but not over the top in her neediness. She is sweet, calm and friendly and gets along well with other cats. She is in fostering at New Hope Rescue Ranch on Long Island.



These are two munchkins, are with our foster Debra and are available for adoption. They are bonded, boy and girl, Annouska is a sweet little black 6 month old, Gregori Catsputin  is a 6 mnth old, cocoa swirl marked tabby who is netuered, tested and has all his shots. He's playful and active, likes other cats. He will come and sit on you lap and give you love bites when he gets to know you-his purr is so loud it's a motor boat purr. He has to get to know you are 'safe' but he's a nice kitten who loves to play and loves his sister!

Annoushka is a 7 month old kitten-she looks just like a bombay. She's solid black with big round eyes. She is very active and playful and loves belly rubs. She is great with other cats and loves Catsputin, they often wrestle together and stalk one another.


Willie is a good old boy.  He a 12 year old senior looking for a good, quiet home where he can retire and relax with his new family.




Salem is a rare orange female who has had a rough life so far. She was rescued from the ACC with severe chemical burns all over her head and body. She spent time healing up in a foster home, but still needs a home to call her own.

Little Salem was originally fearful of people, and who can blame her? Now that she has learned that humans can be good to her, she has blossomed into a loving, cuddly cat grateful for a second chance at life.

Salem may do best in a home as an only cat or with an older, less active cat. She is fostered with an 8 month old kitten now and sometimes finds the kitten to be a little much for her tastes. She has also done fine with a sweet, older dog that doesn't chase cats.

It turned out that under her burnt skin and fur, there was a graceful, long legged beauty waiting to shine! And being a rare orange female makes her all the more beautiful. Plus she is adorably vocal when she wants a treat and extremely well behaved (totally litter box trained and uses her scratching post exclusively.) Salem prefers soft foods because her teeth are worn from her time on the streets, but will take any kind of treat.

Salem needs someone to give her what she has never had...a stable loving home with people that care for her - not hurt her. She will return the love with head rubs and gratitude for saving her life.


These two sweet boys Nevada and Trusty around a year old and in need of a new foster or an adopter, they were rescued from the ACC kill list and their current foster can no longer keep them. They are a little shy initially, however once they are comfortable with you they will sit near you and allow petting. They just need a experienced cat family that will give them time and patience.



Meet Alastor. Alastor is an 8 yr old tuxedo boy saved from the NY ACC euthanasia list just in time. His housemate did not fair as well :(
Alastor loves people but would do best as an only cat. He is not bothered by the dogs in his foster home. 
If interested please contact Lorri at (732) 995 4491




Kibbles is in foster care at New Hope Rescue Ranch, in Long Island.  He's just waiting for someone to love him.


Roger was granted a second chance at life.  He is residing as a foster at New Hope Rescue Ranch in Long Island until he can find his forever home.





.  Curious.  Energetic.  Beautiful!  These words perfectly describe Tippy and Greta, two felines that at about 1 ½ years old, are just full of life!  Throw one of their toys, and they’re off on the chase.  Dangle a wand toy in front of them, and they’re primed for action.


Still a bit shy around strangers, Greta will at first run and hide, but will eventually resurface when she trusts that all is okay.  Tippy tends to hang out longer, being the braver of the two.  But Greta lets Tippy know that in spite of running off to hide, she is the boss.  They’re both good-natured, but need a bit of time to warm up to people.  They don’t like to be picked up and held, but when they’re in the mood, will sleep on their foster mom’s bed or, on her lap.


Occasionally when playing they will give love bites, so they would do best in a home without young children.  Both have been spayed and both are FIV positive.  But they are both healthy and happy and can live long and full lives, just like any other cat.



Abandoned in a PETCO store like discarded trash,  this poor chubby grey and white boy is very handsome.  He enjoys attention and playing and is friendly to people. Pork Chop can be picky about other pets..



He's black, beautiful and proud of it.  Stanley is a year old.  He's a friendly guy who solitics attention and enjoys affection. He gets along with other cats.

Pet ID: 18969 • Spayed/Neutered. Current on shots.



What a lovable guy Patrick is he was dumped on the street , fending for himself a nice family found him in their backyard. Patrick was no stray he was exceptionally sweet and happy to be inside again.  The family is currently fostering him and hoping to find him a good home inside. He is very affectionate, gets along well with other cats. Patrick is negative for fiv/felv, up to date with shots and neutered. For more info email


Tweety is a handsome, grey puddy-tat! She is a friendly chap and gets along well with other cats. She is currently residing as a foster at New Hope Rescue Ranch on Long Island. She is hoping she can adopt you as her human companion soon.


Gina Policastro- Photography

What wonderful markings on this pretty girl! She is very friendly.
Calico • Young • Female • Medium 
Pet ID:18965 • Spayed/Neutered


Coco Puffs is a little over 3 years old. She is spayed. She's incredibly affectionate. She loves attention and likes to crawl up into your lap or over your shoulder. She gets a long with other cats.


Cheeseburger was picked up as a stray in Staten Island in January. 
From the moment we opened her box, she was the sweetest cat I have ever met! She is friendly, affectionate, loves people of all ages and sizes! She likes her space but lives in relative harmony with our other resident felines, although she insists her forever home be canine free.  And for all you Hemingway fans, a special treat, she is polydactyl!

Please help us find the perfect forever home for the sweetest kitty you will ever meet. She doesn't need much. She doesn't even seem to use the scratching post or have that instinct. She is perfectly litter box trained.  All she needs is a sunny windowsill- she loves to watch what's going on outside- and a warm lap with lots of petting and affection. She is unassuming and won't push herself on you, but once you give her your love, she will enjoy every moment!


Found as a stray, Snowball was taken in by a kind lady named Ellen during the harsh, winter months. Snowball is a sweet gal who enjoys petting and relaxing.



Charlie is a female just over two years old.  She is spayed and friendly.  She does get along with other cats.  She enjoys being pet.


This is Buddy a lovable cat around 2 year of age rescued from animal control where he was about to be put to sleep. Buddy is an active kitty that likes attention and loves to be pet. He is up to date with shots, negative for fiv/felv and neutered. If interested in meeting this adorable fellow contact us!


Molly is about 2 years old. She is a beautiful, friendly tuxedo cat who will fit right in to any home.


Gigi is around 3 years of age, very friendly, loves to get attention. Gigi was rescued from a dumpster in Brooklyn that she was found living in, and was apparently no street cat. She has this unusual look about her that makes her stand out.; Gigi is negative for fiv/felv, up to date with shots and spayed.


Sonia is a shy and sweet cat. She is about a year old.  
Pet ID: 18975 • Spayed/Neutered * 
Tortoiseshell • Adult • Female • Medium. She is up to date on all her shots and FIV negative,


*Bonded Pair

Gina Policastro- Photography

These two lovelies are a year old, were rescued from a residence home for the elderly in Staten Island NY. Ralphie is a male, Harriet a female we are trying to find them a home together due to their special bond. Both are very sweet, the male is a little more shy then the female but once you get to know them they are awesome. They are up to date with shots, spay/neutered and negative for fiv/felv. 


Julie is a year old,. She was rescued from AC&C  along with her newborn kittens who all would have been put to sleep.  Now they all have a second chance at life, including this proud mamma. She will be availble for adoption in a few more weeks, once her kittens are old enough to be adopted themselves. She gets along well with other cats.   She is current on shots and FIV negative.


Gina Policastro- Photography

Pet ID: 18971 • Spayed/Neutered Tuxedo • Young • Female • Small
Cammi is a shy, but she opens up quick.  A very sweet girl who enjoys playing.



Ozzy is a lovely girl about 5 years old.  She is a liitle shy, but very sweet and very friend once she gets to know you. She is spayed, FIV neg and current on shots.


Gina Policastro- Photography

Penny is about a year old female. She currently stays in a loving foster home. She is extremely friendly and playful. She loves to be pet and given treats. She is also the mother to Peaches. Penny would be great around children.


Look at those beautifu eyes!  How can you say no to those? Kevin is House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Shots Current.  He is a friendly brown tabby who gets along with other cats.


Gina Policastro- Photography

Domestic Short Hair & Bombay Mix • Young • Male • Small Pet ID: 18977 • Spayed/Neutered


Aliie is a year old, she was rescued from the kill list as a kitten.  She is very friendly and loves to play. She currently lives with a foster, but is hoping to find her forever hom soon.  She is spayed, current on shots and FIV negative.


Bobbi is a female, spayed, black and gray tabby.  She is three years old.  She is a friendly cat that gets along with other cats.


Gina Policastro- Photography

This pretty young lady needs a forever home.
Tuxedo • Young • Female • Small

• Spayed/Neutered


She is a long haired female.  She is a little over a year and absolutely adores affection.  She is fearless, afraid of nothing and playful as if she is still a kitten.  She will love nip when she wants your attention.  She gets a long with other cats.

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